Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The second season of Chatt-A-Hoots baseball will start in just 10 days. The Opening Day for the Hoots is set for June 4th against the Choccolocco Monsters, an expansion team to the Sun Belt League.

Before all the action of the new season, the newest flock of Chatt-A-Hoots arrived at Golden Park. There are some returning faces to the roster, including head coach Steve Smith, and the veterans say it was an easy decision to come back. The biggest factor to return to the team were the people in the stands.

“Fans man, playing in front of two-thousand fans, playing in front of three-thousand fans it really hyped me up. At first I struggled a little bit because I never played in front of that many fans but when I got used to it and I got kids coming up to me and sign autographs. It made my day and I got to come back here,” said returning Chatt-A-Hoot and CVCC Pirate Conner O’Neal.

Head coach Smith also said recruiting this season was much easier than the Hoots inaugural season, because of the Chatt-A-Hoots success making it to the Sun Belt Championship Series.

“Last year it was a concept. This year when you’re having conversations with kids it’s telling them, this is what happened last year. This is what it was like. It really did it sold itself so it was pretty easy to talk about it was like last year,” said Smith.

Before the regular season starts Columbus and Choccolocco will have an exhibition series on the weekend of May 28th and 29th at Golden Park.