Auburn University Campus Security trains staff and students how to handle active shooter situations

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Auburn University held an active shooter response training course for employees February 15.

The school offers the sessions once a month to staff members, and three times each semester for students. 

Interim Executive Director for Campus Safety, Chance Corbett, says having a plan saves lives.

“Having a plan in place, and making sure people know about the plan, and what’s in the plan– it goes a long way to lessening the impact of what’s going to happen.”

Corbett teaches active shooter training courses at schools, businesses and churches. He says he has taught around 30 thousand people in his life time.

During the course, he uses exercises to show the importance of some safety techniques over others. 

He says a plan of action should go beyond locking doors, turning out the lights, and hiding under desks. 

He says you should start by looking for a way out and plan for ways to exit to safety.

If escaping is not an option, he says you should barricade the door, putting as many large items in front of the door as you can. Then he says, be prepared to fight. He says you can do this by throwing items at the assailant, which will cause a distraction. 

“We give them the reason why they are doing that; they’re distracting the person. They are disrupting their ability to make a conscience decision to shoot, or to throw, or whatever they’re doing. So, we disrupt those actions, and then if they’re in your space, you’re going to have to eventually get away from them, or you’re going to have to fight back.”

Corbett says if it’s a situation where you’re on lockdown with multiple people, you can use teamwork to fight back.

The most important thing he says to do, is call 9-1-1. He says make sure someone calls as soon as possible. 

Corbett says, if you’re a concerned parent, you can call your child’s school to inquire about their contingency plan for active shooters.

Corbett also created a training video that can be used to help create a plan. Here’s the link:

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