Hamilton, Ga (WRBL) – The Harris County Lady Tigers have never had a start to their season quite like this one. Harris County has won their first 12 games in a row. This is head coach Jeff Renner’s first year coaching the Lady Tigers, and while he saw potential on the roster this red hot start caught him by surprise.

“I knew that we would have a good season. I knew that we were going to have a good team, but I had no idea it was going to go this well,” said Coach Renner.

Even the players were caught off guard by their incredible winning streak.

“We really haven’t had this good of a season in a while especially for all four years. But it’s so much fun, it’s the best season we’ve had so far,” said senior forward Reese Wise.

This season Harris County has a dangerously fast offense and defense. This roster is also loaded with experience, with over 10 senior on the roster. That has been a major factor to the Lady Tigers’ success.

“We’ve got a big group of seniors, about 11 of us, who have been playing club ball, high school ball, middle school ball, you know for years. So we’ve really just built that chemistry up. And then we decided it’s our senior season so we might as well go on a roll,” said senior center back Drew Renner.

“The team chemistry is so high like these are my best friends on this team. It’s just so much fun to be with them for my senior year,” said Wise.

With this kind of success the team understands the target on their back has gotten bigger and bigger.

“The pressure is just different from our past seasons. In the past seasons we’ve had decent records, but we’ve always been a group of girls that wants to win. But when we go on a roll like this our mindset really changes and we kind of just decide that every day before we get out on the field we’re going to beat the other team,” said Renner.

Despite all the success the Lady Tigers have their eyes on one major goal.
“Go to State,” said Wise.
“Win a state championship,” said Renner.

Congratulations to our newest Kia AutoSport Athletes of the Week the Harris County Girls Soccer Team.