Opelika, AL (WRBL) – The Beauregard Girls Bowling Team made school history by capturing the program’s first AHSAA State Championship. The Lady Hornets defeated Scottsboro with a final score of 576-434 pins. The team says the best part of this championship victory was sharing it with each other.

“It was really special because it was the first time that I’ve ever won anything big like this. And the people that I did it with it was just special because we’ve always played together and now we’ve actually succeed to the point where we can’t succeed anymore,” said junior Carlee Craft.

“It was really nice especially to win with this group because it’s a group and it’s really my closest friends. I just love that experience with them and to be able to bring that state trophy home with them,” said junior Hannah Parhm.

Beauregard head coach Shane Lake praised the mental toughness each of the bowlers had to overcome some incredible pressure to win the AHSAA’s biggest prize.

“To get up there and everyone is watching you, especially in the State Championship, you’re on the lane and you’re by yourself. You know that one pin is standing up by itself. You have to close that frame to make it happen and each one of these girls did. And they finished out,” said head coach Shane Lake.

Now that the dust has settled there’s no denying the Beauregard Bowling team’s championship legacy.

“I don’t care what sport it is. I’ve coached track and I’ve coached football. Whenever I’m doing that, that’s my sport at the time. Like to win the blue map whether it’s football, bowling, golf it’s fantastic feeling,” said Coach Lake.

“It means a lot because I think this is the first time, I think the girls bowling team has won the championship. And just to know that in the future we’re still going to have something here at school,” said Craft.

Congratulations to our newest Kia AutoSport Athletes of the Week, the Beauregard Girls Bowling Team.