Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The Columbus High Lady Blue Devils soccer team ahs definitely gotten their kicks in this season en route to an impressive 8-0 regular season region record. Head Coach Catherine Lovin says the team is poised to make a run in the post season.

“You know I tell that we kind of use the whole season for preparation for this kind of year. So we’re hoping to use all that experience. Use all the good and the bad you know hopefully to make a good run at the playoffs,” said Lovin.

Despite some challenges during the season the team has managed to come together and is now clicking on all cylinders.

“You know we’ve got some little things that we’ve got to work on as we go. Just a, you know, technical and tactical things. It’s just been, you know, willing to kind of stick with it and continue to push forward and grow has been our real strength,” said Lovin.

The Lady Blue Devils have a history of going deep into the high school soccer playoffs, and they will have an opportunity to improve upon that history when they enter the first round.

“We always just look to go as far as we can. We tell them you know you lose you go home. So our focus is just trying to make sure we’re ready to play every game and hopefully get as far as possible,” said Lovin.

Congratulations to the inaugural Kia Auto Sports Athletes of the Week the Columbus Girls Soccer team.