Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The Columbus High Girls Lacrosse Team hasn’t had a season quite like this one. While they’re in the middle of it, the players also know how special this year has been for their team.

“It feels really good because this year is unlike any of the other years. We’re definitely killing it,” said senior midfielder Hannah Stapleman.

The Lady Blue Devils have shattered multiple records this season. They’ve won a team record 17 games this year. They’ve also scored 304 goals, along with 143 assists and just allowed 78 points. This has been a mind blowing performance so far this season.

“I think right now we’re at a 13 win streak which is something our team has never done before. It’s been so amazing to see this program grow since Freshman year,” said senior attack Charlie Evans.

Some of the players credit their new success to this year’s incredible team chemistry.

“We’re more friends than teammates so the chemistry is a lot better this year than it’s been in years past. Because I feel like we mesh well together and we know what each other strengths are and we’re able to capitalize on that,” said senior attack Vivian Rayfield.

“Freshman year I mean we did not look we do this year. And it’s great to see all the hard work over the past four years finally pay off or finally getting to the playoffs it’s really great,” said Stapleman.

The accolades don’t stop just at the team. 7 single season player records have been broken. 4 career player records have been brook too. 4 players are continue to add to their own career records. The numbers don’t lie that there’s some serious talent on this year’s roster. Head Coach Dustin Fowler credits that success to his team’s hard work.

“They really bought into the belief I have for this program. They work extremely hard from thsi summer, fall workouts into the Spring season. This is just a tribute to the work that they’ve put into over that time,” said Fowler.

The Lady Blue Devils have made history this season, but there’s one big goal they still want to accomplish.

“This year as always double digit wins. Win the area championship which we’ve done. Now you know that next pedestal is to finally get over the hump and win a playoff game and get into the Elite Eight,” said Fowler.

Congratulations to our newest Kia AutoSport Athletes of the Week the Columbus High Girls Lacrosse team.