Well, both the Men and Women’s tennis teams at Columbus state University truly  deserve special recognition. The men, who are 12-1 on the season, have played their way to a Number One ITA Collegiate ranking.

It’s a big accomplishment, the fact that we won the National Championship back in 2018, and we’ve won a couple of indoor national championships and we’ve had a great nucleus of guys coming in and they’re really a fun bunch of guys to be around.

Evan Issacs, Head Coach

And so we say congratulations to the Columbus State University Men’s Tennis team, our WRBL co-athletes of the week.

And the Women are having a lot of success as well.

They have played outstanding tennis while sporting a 12-4 record. Coach Issacs leads the Women’s program as well.

It’s a great team, they keep trying to improve a little bit, we try to get 1% better every day, and hopefully by the end of the season we’re back in the national championship picture again.

Evan Issacs, Head Coach

And congratulations to the CSU Women as well.

And finally the goal for both teams right now is to continue to play high caliber tennis, with the hope of bringing home a conference title and a national championship as well.

For the guys, we’re poised to be in contention for the national championship, and frankly the women are too so we’re hoping to win our conference regular season, win our conference championship, and then get back to the national championship and see what happens.

Evan Issacs, Head Coach

And with that we say good luck and congratulations to the Columbus State University Men and Women’s tennis teams, your WRBL Athletes of the Week.