Eufaula, Al (WRBL) – The Eufaula Cheer team has made it a habit to strive for excellence. The Lady Tigers gained national recognition once again, this time by finishing third in the National High School Cheerleading competition in the Division II Medium Varsity Non-Tumbling Gameday Category. There’s a tremendous amount of pride in putting their hometown on the national stage.

“My first Nationals they would search for Eufaula in the “U’s”. So coming from such a small and having the support back and all the work that we put in and being able to compete among top teams it meant the world,” said senior Presley Vannoy.

The Lady Tigers had a stellar year even before getting to the national stage. Eufaula High School won back-to-back AHSAA State Championships in different classifications. When the team got their second championship ring it was still an overwhelming feeling.

“To have the ring it was really like Wow! because we actually put in the work and we did the best that we could and it was proof that we could do it again,” said senior Kerrington Conner.

Head coach Meg Herring said winning their second consecutive AHSAA State Championship really took the Lady Tigers confidence to a new level.

“The back to back State Championships showed them that it was worth it. But I think it showed the state of Alabama that this little town, this little Eufaula High School, that not many people have ever heard of before, we have what it takes to compete among the best,” said coach Herring.

Coach Herring has built a powerhouse Cheer team in Eufaula. The cheerleaders that sign up for this program take tremendous amount of pride in living up to those high standards.

“Without the Eufaula cheer team I would not have reached my highest potential. Our drive came from the early morning practices and definitely the countless we put into those three minutes that we showed who we are,” said senior Mary Helen White.

With Eufaula’s incredible success, they’ve earned the respect for their peers and their community.

“When we were able to prove that we were worth it through all of the competitions that we won awards and just representing EHS well. It showed that we can prove ourselves and we’re going to continue to prove ourselves,” said senior Annie Wingate.

Congratulations to our newest Kia Autosport Athletes of the Week the Eufaula High Cheer team.