Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The Brookstone Girls Swimming Team proved to be the best in the Peach State when they captured the 2023 GIAA State Championship. Brookstone racked up 114 points, winning the state’s top prize by 30 points. This group is the first team to win a Swimming State Championship in school history. When the team finally realized they won the State Championship it was a flood of overwhelming emotions.

“I’m so proud of these girls of the whole team, can’t put it into words of them how I am. We had it all mapped out this is what we need to do this, and they did even better than they were supposed to. I kept it together until I got home, then I was by myself and I just cried,” said co-head coach Karen Waters.

“I think my first thoughts were Oh My Gosh, we just did that! Like this has never been done before this is crazy. I’m just really proud of my team in the moment,” said senior swimmer Hannah Grace Mayfield.

The impact of this GIAA State Championship didn’t just change the Brookstone record books, but according coach Waters the Lady Cougars are first team to win a Swimming State Championship from Columbus.

“No team has been a State Champion ever in the Columbus area for swimming so it’s such an honor,” said coach Waters.

The seniors on this Brookstone Swimming team are proud to leave this championship legacy on their campus.

“Honestly I didn’t think we would make that kind of impact, but we have. We’re the first ones in this area to win state,” said senior Emily Jordan.

Senior Alex Leary loved winning GIAA State Title for her school, but also continue her family’s legacy with the Brookstone Swimming Team.

“It’s kind of full circle for me. My sister came to Brookstone and I think her Freshman year was she was the only one on the team. 5 years later just to bring home that Sate Championship,” said senior Alex Leary.

Congratulations to our Kia AutoSport Athletes of the Week, the GIAA State Champion Brookstone Girls Swimming Team.