Loacahpoka, AL (WRBL) – The Loachapoka Boys Track Team has run all the way into the history books by winning the school’s first Boys State Track Championship in school history. The Indians won the state crown by a thin margin, beating Addison 84-82. This historic accomplishment still has the team in a dream state.

“Well you know I’m not sure if it has, but I’m getting it now a little bit by little bit. Because it’s something that I’ve always dreamed,” said head coach Mitchell Chenir.
The State Championship came down to the last race, and when the points were added up Loachapoka took home the blue map.

“It came down to the last race. I mean it felt like everything was going in slow motion. When I saw them cross the finish line it was just like man. Everyone was happy celebrating. We were chanting. People out there probably thought we were crazy,” said junior Quinton Cooks.

The State Championship win is a testament to all the hard work the boys track team put in this season. The Indians prided themselves on their dedication in practice, but even getting to practice was a hurdle for the team.

“We’re not like many other schools where they had a track and field. We had to go to Beauregard every day, and we were getting back home like 7 o’clock. It’s just dedication for real,” said senior Jacorious “JC” Hart.

“It’s a grind. Like it’s not easy to come by. You have to put in the work, and you have to want what you want to achieve,” said Cooks.

It was Coach Chenir’s job to push the team in practice to get them ready for the AHSAA’s biggest stage. Even he was impressed with the toughness they showed in practice.

“Every time they answered the call. They run what they have to run. Our practices are not always easy. Matter of fact we have more hard practices than we have easy practices, but the kids come through. The fellas they’re something special,” said Chenir.

Congratulations to our newest KIA AutoSport Athletes of the Week, the Loachapoka Boys Track Team.