The Vikings are playing on a brand spanking new field this season. They seemed to have stepped up their game as well. In the process, they’ve managed to make their fans and coaches proud.

“I think that we’ve gotten bigger and faster in the weight room. They also finally believed in what we’re talking about. It takes them a year to earn their trust. They trust us and believe in us and we believe in them. This team cares about each other. They love and care about each other. That’s a big difference for this football team right here,” said head coach Dwight Jones.

The players meanwhile say their success has been all about preparation and hard work.

“You know we just focus on being humble. We don’t do too much talking. We just try to outwork every opponent,” said junior Offensive Lineman and Tight End Sincere Bell.

“Like coach said we love each other more. We had a bunch of Me’s last year. Now it’s just ‘We’s. We want to win, make it to the finals and stay focused,” said junior Quarterback and Defensive Back Caleb Perry.

“We’ve been working as a team every day getting better. We are gang tackling, getting hyped on the side lines. I think it’s all coming together. I think we’re really playing as a team,” said junior Linebacker and Wide Receiver Jonny Davis.

“This season is going great. We’re playing for our team and not for ourselves this year. We’re just worrying about how can get better each day,” said senior Tight End and Defensive End Ian Matthews.

The Vikings have had an outstanding season but they are reminded every day that there is still a lot of football to be played.

“We’re going into the heart of our schedule. It’s hard to believe. It’s October the 13th and we’re at the halfway point. It’s hard to believe because of the virus. But yes the guys have been playing well. The younger guys need to step up and be able to get some rest for those guys who are playing both ways right now,” said Coach Jones.

The Vikings are off until October 23rd when they host the Rabun County Tigers.

Congratulations once again to our newest You Local Geico Office Athletes of the Week the Pacelli Vikings Football team.