SMITHS STATION, Al. – Well despite being a fairly young team, that didn’t stop the Smiths Station High Boys Basketball team from winning the 7A Area 4 regular season area championship as well as the area tournament title. The Panthers were led by veteran coach Steven Davis.

I’m extremely pleased. They played hard in the area championships, they’ve been playing hard all year. but I’m extremely pleased about how we’ve progressed. We lost 8 games this season, I think they used used every one of those losses to learn something to help us get better throughout the year.

Steven Davis, Head Coach

Now when you talk about this year’s Panther team, you can’t help but talk about their fast break offense and high flying dunks. But Coach Davis also like this year’s team chemistry.

Towards the end of the season we started playing as a team, and getting better every day.

Trevon Taylor, Junior Guard

We’ve just been playing as a team, we’ve been giving up our own buckets for a better bucket and a better shot. That builds better chemistry, and it just makes us go further and we’re just trying to keep on going so we can get coach a ring and everything.

Takola Williams, Sophomore Guard

The hard work we put in and how much we hustle on the court.

Devyn Pearman, Junior Guard

And as the team fights for survival in the playoffs, Coach Davis hopes to keep the Panthers focused.

Our goal is to get to Birmingham, we’ve got a checklist of things we’re trying to do this season and we’ve been checking them off so no different in the region semifinal, we’re gotta try to get that one so we can get to Birmingham.

Steven Davis, Head Coach