Auburn, AL – The Lee Scott Academy Boys Cross Country team has ran multiple miles, but recently they recently crossed a historic finish line. The Warriors finally won their first AISA State Championship. This accomplishment was a journey that started months ago.

“They began running in June. So for them to come out on top and win the first State Title in cross country for the school just really sweet. Sweet victory,” said head coach Casey Carter.

The Warriors spent 18 weeks of training to get ready for the State Championship meet. The practices were grueling, but looking back the boys were so thankful Coach Carter pushed them.

“It was really hard. She really did push us through the hard times and that’s the reason why we got to where we are. So it’s just really exciting and I’m stoked about it,” said senior Madison Tausch.

“She’s been able to keep us through and through just helping us get back up because she knows how good we can be,” said senior Travis Pham.

The team also learned they could lean on each other, and push each other to get through all the strenuous practices and meets.

“Your team helps push you, and helps bring you up just in case there are times you just can’t do it anymore. So the ability to have all your teammates, they just kind of feel like friends that will help you push through these challenges,” said Pham.

“This team means a lot to me you know. We put in all this work. We’ve been through it all. We had all of these practices to finally achieve the trophy you know it’s a nice feeling,” said Tausch.

Head coach Carter is just in her 2nd year coaching the Lee-Scott Cross Country team. She’ll go on to lead other teams, but she will always fondly remember the characteristics of these state champions.

“This is a special group because they have determination. They have drive. They have grit. And I feel like that you know that not only takes you a long way in cross country but in the rest of your life,” said Carter.

Congratulations to our Kia AutoSport Athletes of the Week the Lee-Scott Academy Boys Cross Country team.