Hamilton, Ga – The Harris County Tigers said their home game against the defending Class 3A State Champions Sandy Creek was a chance to make a statement. When the dust settled Friday night, everyone heard what the Tigers had to say as they defeated the Patriots 28-19. The team says they felt validated in this huge win over Sandy Creek.

“A lot of people, even some of our own home crowd was even going to get it. But we knew what it was. We knew the mindset and we knew the game. We were just going to play our butts off,” said senior linebacker and running back Mataye Youman.

“To have a quality opponent, a defending State Champion come to our place, and for us to play as well as we did in front of our home crowd it was a statement. That hey what they’re doing is working. Keep buying into it. Keep listening. Keep trusting, and believe in this program and believe in these kids and these coaches. The sky is the limit for this football program,” said head coach Tommy Watson.

Harris County has now won five games in a row. Last season, coach Watson’s first year, they only won two games. The biggest different until now, there’s more trust and leadership among the players.

“I feel like a lot more of us care, like care about each other. We just love each other, and we love each other enough to give each other 100 percent every game,” said senior linebacker and running back Miguel Sevilla.

“This has been 100 percent player-led. They hold each other accountable. They love each other at the same time. It’s just been special really the last 8, 9 months what’s going on. We’re looking forward to continuing our journey,” said coach Watson.

While the Tigers’ season has been full of success, and the team is getting plenty of praise, their biggest goals are still ahead of them.

“Last year every body is Harris County thought I was the worst coach ever you know we went 2-9. Now they only want to talk about how I good I am. But we can’t listen to the outside noise. We have to go about our daily business just like we have up to this point and keep working. Because beating Sandy Creek was not the ultimate goal of our football season. We have some other goals that we want to reach,” said coach Watson.

Congratulations to our newest Kia AutoSport Athletes of the Week the Harris County Tigers football team.