MANCHESTER, Ga. (WRBL) — The Manchester Blue Devils wanted to make a statement to kick off the 2023 season. Manchester wasted no time turning heads around as they took down the defending GHSA State Championship, Bowdon, in a 21-20 win. This victory might have been seen as an upset around the state, but the Blue Devils expected this result after all the work they’ve put in.

“It’s just a by-product of all our hard work by our players and coaches all of the time and commitment they’ve made over the summer and over the wintertime, ever since January the 1st. You know what happened Friday night, the result, is just a by-product of that hard work coming to a head,” said head coach Stephen Williams.

“It felt good, you know, having all your family and friends there in a win against the defending State Champion felt good. All the hard work, you know, coming out here practicing every day,” said senior defensive lineman Cash White.
“It felt good but at the same time it was expected. You know the way we practice and the way we talk, every day we watch film. We wanted to win,” said senior running back and linebacker Caron Long.

The work ethic and dedication of the players can be seen because a lot of Blue Devils play multiple positions, and sometimes it’s on both sides of the ball. Head Coach Holmes likes to describes his roster full of athletes, not just players who specialize in on position.

“They have that belief and that mindset that I’m a football player. Whether it’s blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, running I can do it all. Our scheme on both sides are simple and part of our identity here. It’s a tough, physical brand of football,” said coach Holmes.

Manchester is very proud of their first win of the season, but the Blue Devils are done celebrating it. They’ve already turned the page and have started to prepare for their next test.

“We’re moving on. That was a stepping stone to greater things and that was our message to our team and getting ready for Columbus High now,” said coach Holmes.

Congratulations to our Kia AutoSport Athletes of the Week the Manchester High School football team.