Ellaville, Ga. – Last Friday was one of the biggest tests of the #1 ranked Schley County football team as they hosted the #2 Macon County Bulldogs. Schley County didn’t just pass the test, they dominated and defeated the Bulldogs 34-7 on their home turf. The Wildcats also head the Macon County rushing attack to a total of 12 rushing yards. The Schley County coaching staff was simply impressed with how their team performed.

“Our kids were awesome. They did exactly what we asked them to do. We put the game plan on Monday and we installed it. And all week long we worked hard trying to figure out what to do. Macon did the stuff that we thought they were going to do on Friday night and our guys were ready for the task,” said head coach Darren Alford.

Of course the Wildcats put a tremendous amount of work on the practice field, but the players admitted they drew some motivation from the talk around the game.

“All take on social media. I mean everyone from Macon County talked a lot of trash. We used the trash talking to motivate us,” said senior middle linebacker and left tackle Jack Clark.

“They were talking trash the whole week. And us, being the team that we are, we stayed silent and we let that motivate us to do what we did Friday so it was a great team win for sure,” said senior defensive back and wide receiver Jalewis Solomon.

While this was a great regular season win, Schley County knows there are still some big tests left on their schedule.

“It made us feel good going into the heart of region play really and we still have to beat Manchester so it was a good battle test though to get ready for Manchester. So I thought it was a great team win,” said senior Jay Kanazawa.

The ultimate goal for last season’s State Runner-Ups is to get back to Atlanta, but this year finish the drill and win a State Championship.

“Nobody is going to forget that feeling, and we’re going to make sure that we don’t feel that feeling again and do everything we can to come out on top this year,” said Kanazawa.

“Losing the State Championship last year really hurt my feelings. Because the boys last year played a big role and we don’t want to leave the underclassmen this year the same way,” said Clark.

“How it all ended by losing by one touchdown that seniors’ season ending like that we’re most definitely looking back on that and prove everybody different this year,” said Solomon.

Congratulations to our newest Kia AutoSport Athletes of the Week, the Schley County football team.