Auburn, AL (WRBL) – The Auburn Lady Tigers live to see another day in the NCAA Gymnastics Tournament. They advance to Saturday, but they don’t advance without the grit and toughness to get there.
The team did face some mental and physical challenges resulting in not their best performance. But their grit and toughness brought them around to a good end result. Sunisa Lee did get a ten on the uneven bars from one judge, and two tens from two judges on the beam.

A quick note, it did look like Lee was injured after her one-touch pass on vault right before she went on. However, like the gold medalist she is, she powered through and still performed to her best ability.
Overall the team is happy to survive and advance to the Sweet 16, and they understand it was their toughness that powered them here.

“That’s just in our team. I think it’s shown all season, maybe a little more behind the scenes, but we don’t give up for anything. We’re going to power through any challenge, any obstacle,” said Cassie Stevens.

Head coach Jeff Graba was proud of his team getting through a tough day in competition but he hopes to see his gymnasts trust themselves more on Saturday.

“What you see today, what I see today is people trying to do too much. I think they go out and they try too hard. They’re tight. When you’re tight in gymnastics it’s not you. It’s not going to go well. You’re not going to injure yourself, but you’re definitely not going to execute at a high level. So, they got to trust themselves a little bit, and I think they needed to go through this,” said Graba.

Auburn will be back on the floor in the Sweet 16 this Saturday.