Auburn, AL (WRBL) – On Friday the Auburn Baseball team finally arrived in Corvallis, Oregon to prepare for their Super Regional matchup against #3 Oregon State. The Tigers also did plenty of preparation for this series outside of baseball drills.

When the Tigers and Beavers square off Saturday evening, Auburn will be in a new climate and a new time zone. The forecast for Corvallis is a high of 69 degrees with a low of 58 degrees, which is a stark difference from the much hotter Alabama summers.

“It will be different but I think being able to practice Friday and stuff will have us being able to adjust to that temperature. But we have to pack warm clothes. You don’t really think about it once you have a good sweat build up,” said junior pitcher Trace Bright.

Another big change will be the time. First pitch is set for 7 pm Pacific Time, which is actually 9 pm Central Time and 10 pm Eastern Time.

“You know I think it’s good that we’re getting there a day early. Obviously just to get used to everything. Coach Thompson has been telling us to go to bed a little bit later than usual this week. To try to get used to what we’re going to be dealing with out there. I think we’ll handle it just fine,” said senior outfielder Kason Howell.