Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – For over four decades Phil Marino has helped coached young men to become football players. He’s had a game plan for just about everything on a football field, but recently he had to come up with a game plan for something else. Coach Marino has been diagnosed with Stage 2 prostate cancer. According to Coach Marino this was something that he was blindsided by.

“This is something I wasn’t expecting and the result was really something that I wasn’t expecting. You know so when it was happening it was a little overwhelming,” said Coach Marino.

Despite the diagnosis, Coach Marino is following the lessons he’s taught his players for years. They are to never give up and to play and fight for each other.

“These kids keep me young. People keep asking me why I keep doing this, and it’s because of them.”

Phil Marino – Columbus High Head Coach

It’s his job to teach his players the game of football and other life lessons. The old ball coach has learned some valuable lessons from his players.

“I guess what I’ve learned from these guys is they’re just as resilient as I am. You know what I’m going through right now is in a situation where it’s out of my control. I think every week you know you try to get these guys ready. But they come as they’re just as resilient and they work just as hard. You know they do the best that they can do every Friday night,” said Marino.

Head Coach Marino says he hasn’t decided if he’ll retire from coaching after this season. For now, he’ll continue to fight cancer

“I have 9 weeks of radiation and I’m down to 4 left,” said Marino.

Coach Marino plans to finish out this season with the Columbus High football team. He hasn’t made a final decision on his coaching career. He does encourage all men to go to continue to go to their doctor.