Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The Columbus Chatt-A-Hoots have started to hit their stride in the 2022 Sunbelt Baseball season. After a 1-3 start, the Hoots have won their last 3 of the 4 games to get back to a .500 record this season. Right now Columbus is back in first place in the Western Division lead.
One-third of the season is in the books and both the pitching and hitting for the Hoots has picked up. Since the team has this much momentum their confidence is sky high.

“Everybody’s kind of done their part. They know their role, what they need to do and what what they need to do to help the team to win,” said pitcher Brian Trepanier.

“Well, our pitching staff is doing a phenomenal job of keeping everybody you know, off the base. This whole lineup, we got a lot of really good ballplayers in this lineup. And I think once we start piecing it all together as a team hitting wise, I think we’re going to be really, really hard to beat,” said Columbus outfielder Win Johns.

Despite some 1-run loses that could have demoralized the team, head coach Steve Smith has seen the resilience of this team.

“We feel really good about where this team’s at. You know, those those one run losses. Those are tough. But you also know that you’re you’re in those games and, you know, an at bat here or there kind of changes what those games actually look like,” said Smith.

The Hoots start a weekend series with the 5-1 Waleksa starting on Friday night at Golden Park.