Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The Columbus Chatt-A-Hoots are done with their preseason exhibition games, and now it’s time to start the regular season. The Hoots will start the 2022 campaign on the road in Oxford, Alabama against the Choccolocco Monsters. The Monsters are an expansion team in the Sunbelt League, and also owned and operated by Ignite Sports, the same company that runs the Chatt-A-Hoots.
Time is a luxury that teams in summer baseball usually don’t have. In this short time the Hoots have been together, the team has bonded very well and there’s a lot of potential for the upcoming season.

“This is a good group. They’ve gelled really quickly. You know sometimes it can take a couple weeks and sometimes it takes a couple months. They all get along real well. They like each other and they’re interacting extremely well so it’s been really fun so far,” said Chatt-A-Hoots head coach Steve Smith.

The Hoots came so close to winning the Sunbelt Championship last season, they fell to the Alpharetta Aviators in the championship series. For the returning players, they’re excited for to play with the talent on this roster and finish their championship mission.

“I already love all these guys. I knew a bunch of them growing up playing. And some of them actually played with my little brother which is kind of weird. Especially after last year coming up short you know, nobody really expected us to go anywhere. You know just putting a couple of pieces together here and there. It’s like, I feel like this team is a lot better than last year honestly,” said pitcher Brian Cretanier.

The Chatt-A-Hoots first home game will be on Saturday at Golden Park against the Choccolocco Monsters at 7:05 pm.