COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) The Columbus High Cheerleaders work hard to be loud, proud, clean and in sync to give the best sideline performance for their fans.

Co-Captains Bebe Norman and Laney Green said their team practices all summer and fall long working hard to learn and memorize 80 cheers by heart all in preparation for the Friday night lights.

“Honestly knowing each one of them and having a cheerleader call it and immediately know what the cheer is off the top of your head when you have 80 cheers to pick from is kind of difficult and I don’t think the the the the fans know that,” said Norman.

“Oh and I would say that too,” said Green. “Like a lot of our friends will be out there trying to do the cheers and they can’t. They’re harder than you expect them to be.”

Head Coach Janna Smith shared it’s important for her cheerleaders to be prepared for the sideline in every possible why and it often times is a lot more work than it looks.

“Cheerleading, more specifically they’re having to prepare their minds, their bodies and their words in order to be sharp, be clean in their bodies,” said Coach Smith. “But also know the words that their having to say when they’re saying those cheers as well.”

Smith says this is all in addition to her athletes’ everyday tasks they have to preform when they go home like homework and other extracurricular activities.