Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The Columbus Lions wasted no time in getting a thrilling win this season. In their first game of the season the Lions clawed their way to an overtime win over the Jacksonville Sharks. At one point the Lions trailed by as much as two touchdowns.
The Lions never let their spirits waiver, and eventually they closed the gap against their rivals and forced overtime. In the extra period, the Lions scored first to go up 56-49. Columbus’ defense stood tall and stopped the Shark attack to secure their first win at the Civic Center. Head coach Jason Gibson praised his teams perseverance.

“It’s fun because again we talked about it earlier after the game, just to kind of reinforce what we preached about being in shape. And coming in and putting athletes on the field. No one was coming in, at least in front of me, complaining saying this game is over. I mean everybody just said let’s keep playing ball, and this was a really good way to start the season,” said Gibson.

Darien Townsend, a wide receiver and defensive back, praised the more experienced players for leading this newest pride of Lions to this win.

“Our vets held up strong man. They really are a huge part of this team. Just showing what it’s like to play in this arena game. But also how you should act as well. So shout out the vets on that one,” said Townsend.
The Lions hit the road to face the San Antonio Gunslingers this Saturday.