Columbus, GA (WRBL) – Columbus welcomed a very special basketball guest on Friday. Portlant Trail Blazers center Enes Kanter hosted a free basketball camp at the KBW Boys Home Gym. The basketball camp was also the site of a free vaccination clinic as well.

Kanter partnered with Prospect AMEC’s Faith To Table organization to bring this whole event together. The 10-year NBA veteran was kind of a shock to see in Columbus. Why did he choose the Fountain City? He says that enjoys these kind of locations because he wants to make sure every child has a chance to enjoy interacting with an NBA player.

“A lot of NBA players go to LA or Miami or you know Hawaii to do these basketball camps so they can vacation after. But for me it’s important to just visit every state and every city. Rich or poor it doesn’t matter because every kid deserves to smile and play basketball. Especially against an NBA player, so for me it’s really important to just go out there and put a smile on people’s faces because it’s priceless,” said Kanter.

After his free camp in Columbus, he headed south to Albany, Ga.