Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – Mason Espinsoa was ready to lead the Columbus Lions into the 2022 season as the reigning National Arena League MVP, and hopefully back to the NAL Championship Game. Life, like in football, can force you to change your plans in a second. Espinosa uprooted from the Fountain City to Indiana as he was hired as assistant coach at DePauw University.

In one of the biggest games of the season, the Columbus Lions defeated the San Antonio Gunslingers 79-75 at the Civic Center. Under center was #15 Mason Espinsoa. It didn’t look like there was too much rust to knock off, since Espinosa threw for 8 touchdowns against San Antonio in his first action of the season. While he could have stayed away from the Lions in the final weeks of the season, Espinsoa said after putting all the hard work in the off season he wanted to comeback and find closure with the Lions.

“I didn’t get the job until honestly report day of the Lions season. So yea it happened very, very quickly. I trained really hard. I mean I had the best offseason I’ve ever had, and then you didn’t get the payoff. You didn’t get to play in games. You didn’t get to show if off any at all. It just felt like a real sense of closure. Really and then how could you not? I mean the city of Columbus has been so good to me personally.”

Mason Espinsoa – Columbus Lions quarterback

So how did Espinosa get reunited with his former team? According to Lions head coach, Jason Gibson, it was the quarterback who made the first move.

“He called me, and basically said ‘Hey if you got a spot I can make it work.’ Yea let’s do it. That’s kind of really how the whole conversation went down and we just picked up where we left off from day one,” said Gibson.
Gibson also said this kind of decision to come back and lead the Lions in a game with massive consequence in the balance, is a testament to Mason’s character and love for this indoor football game.

“When you find guys that love the game more than itself you can win. You know that guy loves this game. He loves playing in front of the fans and he just loves competing. You know there’s another guy like that. You know his name is Tom Brady,” said Gibson

Coach Gibson said that Espinosa should be the starting quarterback the rest of the season. The Lions hit the road to play the Carolina Cobras on Saturday, July 16th.