Georgia signs restrictive abortion bill, as Alabama considers an even tougher anti-abortion law


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed one of the most restrictive and controversial anti- abortion laws in the country this morning.

The bill makes abortions illegal once a heartbeat is detectable in the embryo. That can happen as early as five or six weeks after conception.

State Representative Ed Setzler is the main sponsor of the bill that is thrusting Georgia into the middle of America’s controversy over abortion rights.

Georgia’s law would take effect next year and still allow abortions if the baby’s or mother’s life is in danger, or in cases of rape or incest.

“But our current governor who claimed to want to move Georgia forward is pushing this cruel, punitive and regressive bill,” said State Representative Jen Jordan.

Abortion rights advocates like State Senator Jen Jordan say many women do not even know they are pregnant by six weeks.

“The clear intent of this is to make sure that women have absolutely no access to being able to get an abortion, no matter what point in the pregnancy they’re at,” Jordan said.

Georgia will be the sixth state to enact legislation banning abortions after six weeks. Iowa and North Dakota laws were struck down at the state and federal level. Similar bills enacted this year in Kentucky, Ohio, and Mississippi are all facing legal fights. (

Makeup artist Jennifer Bennett works in Georgia’s massive tv and movie industry.

“The Walking Dead”, “Black Panther”, and ” The Hunger Games” series were all filmed here. More than 100 Hollywood stars promised to boycott the state if the bill becomes law.

Women like me, women who rely on this to pay their mortgages, to support their families, to put food on the table? What am I supposed to do?,” asked Bennett.

Governor Brian Kemp says he expects lawsuits and is ready to fight for this bill.  It’s likely the fight will head to the Supreme Court.

We have more details on the abortion laws across America.

As it stands, 43 states currently have abortion restrictions– that is establishing cut-off periods when a woman can no longer have an abortion.

Seven states– Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont– and the District of Columbia– have no legally set abortion restrictions.

Meanwhile,  Alabama is getting closer to outlawing abortion.

In fact, right now, the abortion bill is a boiling hot topic in the Yellowhammer State as it continues to gain momentum in Montgomery.
Representative Terri Collins of Decatur proposed the bill in Alabama that makes it a felony for doctors to perform abortions.

The bill does not allow any exceptions for rape or incest.
It has Alabamians and lawmakers alike at odds.

On Thursday, the Alabama Senate is set to take up the proposed bill.

It proposed bill passed the House overwhelmingly with a 74-to-3 vote.

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