Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The shot clock era has arrived for GHSA schools. This upcoming basketball season GHSA varsity level boys and girls regular season basketball games and state tournament games will use a 35 second shot clock. This completes a three year plan to slowly phase in the shot-clock for regular season play.

For reference college basketball uses a 30 second shot clock. The NBA uses a 24 second shot clock.
Kyle Sandy, the creator of the Sandy’s Spiel website that cover Georgia High School basketball extensively, shared his thoughts on the pro’s and con’s of the shot clock era starting the GHSA.

“I think of course anything that closer replicates the college game is probably going to be more beneficial and help these student athletes that are trying to play at the next level long term. That’s going to give them a little bit of a head start on kids that are playing in other states. I don’t think it’s drastically going to take Georgia High School basketball to the next level. It’s going to have some growing pains to be honest with you,” said Sandy.