More rainfall needed, but area farmers persist


MARION COUNTY, Ga — We depend on them, and they depend upon Mother Nature. To say it’s a gamble for America’s farmers is a huge understatement.

However, for many farming families in our community, it is more a passion than a profession.  That love for what they do sustains them through the tough times.

Too little rain is a disaster, and too much rain can drown their crops. Finding the right weather recipe is a delicate mix for farmers– and it’s hard to come by, to say the least.

At Muckalee Creek Farm in Marion County, the Sizemore family is producing abundant amounts of vegetables. However, that does not mean they are getting perfect weather this summer.  The showers are hit and miss.

In fact, irrigating the crops is a normal part of their routine– and a step that is necessary for their yields. Irrigating can be expensive, but the Sizemores say, for them, it’s worth it.

“Things go really good, and then other times, you know, like lack of rainfall, and we’ve had to pump water to everything. That costs more money. Yeah it does get discouraging sometimes. But, you know, it’s in your blood, and you don’t want to quit,” says Bonnie Sizemore, one of the owners of Muckalee Creek Farm.

Sizemore says that compared to last year, things are a bit worse weatherwise. The last rain that fell on Muckalee Creek Farm was this past weekend.

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