Roosevelt’s Little White House hoping to bounce back after COVID-19 pandemic

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WARM SPRINGS, Ga. (WRBL) – Businesses are bouncing back following the COVID-19 global pandemic and state parks are hoping to do the same.

Just a few miles away from downtown Warm Springs, Ga., sits a big piece of American Presidential history in Roosevelt’s Little White House.

Site Manager, Robin Glass, says this park is different from other parks because The Little White House is the only presidential home not owned by the National Park Service.

“Roosevelt loved this place. This was his Camp David. This is where he came to rest, to rejuvenate himself, before he went back to Washington, and I think that’s the importance of this house over some of the other national sites and in this one you get to walk through and become a part of,” said Glass.

Site officials confirm Roosevelt would visit the Little White House 41 times over the course of his life. The visits would go on to impact who he was as a person which would go on to influence who he was as 32nd President of the United States.

“Roosevelt came here an aristocrat, he left here a common man. We didn’t cure his Polio; we changed his heart and that changed the world, and that’s how we feel about it here. So here, we don’t talk about Roosevelt the President, we talk about Roosevelt the man and the man in Georgia,” said Glass.

Even with the parks historic charm, Roosevelt’s Little White House, wasn’t immune to the damaging affects from the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“Generally we have a lot of school children and we lost 32,000 school children that did not come because of COVID-19 and that hurt. You know that hurts our revenue and you know, and it also changes our operation completely,” said Glass.

Although times were difficult, Glass is optimistic about a return to tourism and notes the park presents the perfect place to take a social distanced stroll through history.

“It’ll be the best two hours you’ve ever spent and what you’ll learn here will amaze you. It may help you get through some difficult times, which we’re in now,” said Glass.

From Presidential History to perspective in a pandemic, and a maybe even a new take on politics, site officials believe the Roosevelt’s Little White House is a place that can offer it all. 

“By coming here, it’ll give you a different outlook on politics. And politics today is not like it was back then. He was a humanitarian and not a politician, and I think that a lot of people need to realize that politicians can be humanitarians,” said Site Manager, Jason Grantham.

The state park offers both indoor and outdoor attractions with self-guided and guided tours available.

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