Simple steps prevent your car from theft, burglary


COLUMBUS, Ga — Do you think about what you leave in plain sight on your car seats?  In a moment of hurry, do you ever find yourself leaving your car running while you dash into the convenience store?  These questions are certainly ones we all should consider to keep ourselves from being the target of car burglars and thieves.

Our busy lives keep us on the go, but all that zooming around can make us forget the small things that make a big difference when it comes to keeping our vehicles safe.  Car burglaries and stolen car reports flood police stations every day across the country.  While sadly this trend has become common, it might surprise you to learn that officers say many of us put ourselves at risk by forgetting to follow some basic steps.

Police remind us to always lock our car doors, even at home. We should never leave valuables in our cars because that’s a big temptation to thieves.  As far as leaving the keys in your car for just a second– forget about it!  Police say the criminals are watching.

“Most people who are looking to break into someone’s vehicle, they are sitting back and they’re waiting,” says Deputy Louis Abney with the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department. “The minute they see an opportunity, somebody goes inside a gas station somewhere, they’ll go right up to the car, and either take the vehicle or take something out of it they want.”

The most important thing, Deputy Abney says, is to trust our instincts.  If we feel like a parking area is unsafe or someone looks suspicious, we should trust our feelings.  Don’t hesitate to call police if you feel in danger.

At night, we should always do our best to avoid isolated parking areas. If possible, we need to park in well-lit, heavily populated areas.

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