Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The Shaw Raiders will never return to normal. However, this team has bravely continued with their planned off season training after the sudden loss of their head coach Al Pellegrino. On Wednesday morning the Raiders got some support and motivation from the Pellegrino family.

Two of Coach Pellegrino’s sons, his eldest Army Sergeant Chris Pellegrino and his younger brother Brock, addressed their father’s team. Brock told the Raiders that Coach P’s message for the upcoming season was “No Challenge, No Change.” He knows this team is facing one of the biggest challenges in their history but the family knows they can step up.

Sergeant Pellegrino reminded the players that they will have to work hard in practice but also work on their own to get better at their craft. No matter where he gets stationed next he’ll make sure to support Shaw football.
The football team was so touched by how the grieving family still came out to support the school their father led

“It’s just great that they’re still thinking about us with the tragedy that they’re going through. And they’re coming out here pulling for us and hoping that we do well. To me it meant a lot to them with the reaction and the applause and shaking their hands after it was over,” said Shaw Interim Head Coach Blair Harrison.
When these offseason workouts started, the players have been locked in on getting better to honor their late head coach

“It’s very important because we want to win a lot of games if possible. And we want to honor this season to Coach P and we want to start off great,” said senior offensive lineman Morris Jackson.