COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – A new day is dawning in Georgia high school basketball.

This fall, GHSA Basketball will be played with a shot clock. This is a move three years in the making, with the previous two years being test runs for this season. Now with the adoption of the clock in play, some coaches are making adjustments, while others are sticking with their philosophy.

Well, day in and day out, we want to try to keep it up tempo in a way. So it is something where we want to have it in the back of our minds that it’s a shot clock, you know, so they’re aware of it. But as far as the tempo of pace of the team, I don’t see us getting no violations for it any way.

Kendrick Boys Basketball Head Coach Andre Dye

For us, I don’t, I don’t really seeing it being a real big deal. We try to play fast and up and down. So, we’re going to kind of stick to our guns and playing the way that we play. So, but a lot of teams that do run a lot of plays and play that way, then, you know, they might have to adjust their time. How fast did they need to do it.

Carver Girls Basketball Head Coach Anson Hundley

The shot clock era will give fans a new experience as well. Coaches seem to be in favor that this will only benefit the game moving forward.

To go away from the one on one and ISO and just being able to stall the ball where the ball is going to have to move. And teams got to be prepared for jump defenses, when the better coach is going to change the defenses according to what’s going on in the game. So I think the players are going to think more and that will help prepare them for the next level.

Hardaway Boys Basketball Head Coach Kendall Mills

And you’ll see the shot clock era tip off at the start of the new season in November.