COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Jordan cheerleaders, jump, stunt and tumble their way to hyping up the crowd during Friday night lights. While Jordan’s Varsity football team canceled the remainder of their season these athletes will keep practicing because they’re also a competitive cheer team.

With 4 practices a week Co-Captains Zaeniyah Rivers and Taleh Tatum these cheerleaders are putting in the time and hard work to make sure their performance is on point.

“A lot, a lot we do stunts basically everyday,” said Rivers. “But to get your stunts you have to trust your bases and the bases have to trust the flyer or it won’t work out.”

“A lot of practice,” said Tatum. “And when you mess up you have to do it back to back, back to back til you get it right.”

The focus of their practice goes beyond chants and cheers and into techniques. Coach Malissa Jones said the stunts and skills these athletes perform requirers hyper focus on things like how to grab the foot, flyers foot placement, dip counts and more.

“It’s very important for them to stunt the correct way,” said Coach Jones. “A lot of times if they don’t they can get hurt or hurt someone else so we spend a lot of time talking about proper technique.”