Valley, AL (WRBL) – Marshon Harper has been a coach at Valley High School for 24 years, but he’s never seen anything like this current high school basketball season.

“I have never seen anything like that before. I think we done made history,” said Coach Harper.
The Valley Boys Basketball team have won 19 games in a row to start their season. They’ve been teams in multiple classifications in both Alabama and Georgia. The key to their success, while it’s an old coaching cliché, but it’s taking the season one game at a time.

“Most people when they think about the next few games along the week. Not us we just go week by week, game by game,” said senior point guard Jamarious Martin.

“We’re taking it game by game. Easy games we take it quarter by quarter a game at a time. I feel like that’s the best thing we’ve done all year,” said senior shooting guard and small forward Denali Dooley.

One of the strengths of this year’s Rams team is their depth. This roster has 11 upperclassmen and they don’t depend on just one player to carry the load. Anyone is ready to step up.

“We have a bench that a guy can come in and take my spot. We can just keep it rolling,” said Dooley.

“Anybody can lead at anytime. Like say one player is not having the night that he wants, another player can step up and lead the team,” said Martin.

Another key to this team’s big time success this season is taking of the little things.

“Nobody is late for practice. They show up in the weight room, excited to lift weights, excited to run and excited about practice and it’s been a joy to coach them,” said Coach Harper.

While the Valley Rams are enjoying their current success, they have their eyes on big goal.

“Ultimate goal is to win a title, we’re trying to win a championship nothing less,” said Coach Harper.

Congratulations to our newest Kia Autosport Athletes of the Week, the Valley High Boys Basketball team.