AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) — Auburn University and Tuskegee University joined forces today and combined the two institution’s communications programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

This comes in an effort to increase access to Auburn University among students from underrepresented parts of Alabama.

The memorandum pictured to the left, was signed by Auburn President Jay Gogue and Tuskegee President Charlotte Morris.

Students will be able to earn a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Tuskegee to follow with a master’s in the same degree from Auburn.

In a prepared statement, President Gogue explains how this partnership will strengthen relationships among communities.

“Auburn enjoys a strong collaborative relationship with Tuskegee University,” Gogue said. “This partnership is yet another way in which we can strengthen that bond while living out our land-grant mission of bettering our community and providing greater access to educational and professional opportunities.”

Students pursuing a degree must maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout their senior year. Tuskegee students will be eligible to apply for admission to Auburn’s Graduate School and work alongside Auburn graduate program officers in completing their master’s degree.

Tuskegee students could arrive to Auburn’s campus as early as spring 2022, but the first students are expected to arrive in fall 2022. 

The partnership will give Tuskegee students access to equipment, software, Auburn’s libraries and career services and networking opportunities.

President Morris believes this will increase Tuskegee students reach into their respected career fields.

“This partnership will open an array of programming opportunities for our students, thus increasing their career prospects,” Morris said. “Auburn University has excellent infrastructure and faculty expertise in these frontier areas, and we are delighted that the opportunity for expanded studies has been extended to our Tuskegee University students. We look forward to this partnership and other ways of collaboration in opening new doors of access for our students.”

This partnership parallels Auburn and Tuskegee’s veterinary colleges agreement in 2018 and STEM research mentorships with Auburn graduate students and faculty in Aug. 2021.