AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL)— Every dog owners one-stop-shop is coming to Auburn soon; Good Dog Park & Bar to offer entertainment for you and your furry friend.

Good Dog Park & Bar is a fairly new concept to join Alabama, combining two social landscapes for humans and their furry counterparts. The off-leash, turfed dog park and bar offers indoor and outdoor play areas, a separate area for small dogs, dog daycare, boarding, and bathing.

In addition to adding different scenery to the plains, Good Dog Park & Bar’s Auburn location is donating 1% of sales to Storybook Farms and Lee County Humane Society.

For humans, the park and bar will feature a variety of drinks and local food trucks will also frequent the location.

Director of Operations Bobby Morgan shared with News 3 all of the options that will be available at the park.

“We’re going to be offering cans only, so it’ll be beer seltzers. We’re going to have some wine options as well, and we’ll have some nonalcoholic choices. We’ll have some Lacroix, Coke products, waters. We’re going to even try to do maybe some cold brew coffee just so, you know, depending on the time of the day, you can get a little caffeine kick if you want to,” Morgan explains.

The 16,000 sq. foot park and bar is located at 203 East University Drive, at the previous location of Pet Palace next to Max Fitness and Auburn University Credit Union.

The membership-based dog park’s goal is to create a premium park where people can come together in a safe place. Before entry, all dog entrants are required to show current vaccination status. Co-owner Clint Carmichael explains what they are enforcing to ensure safety for all visitors.

“Safety is the number one goal at Good Dog and so we take vaccinations and everything very serious. And so we do require that all of your dogs are vaccinated… we do just want people to know that because safety is first,” Carmichael says.

The park also features Bark Rangers, trained dog handlers, to make sure the park remains safe and clean. For pet owners who are not ready to enter the off-leash area, there will be an on-leash area as well to get dogs acclimated to the park.

Carmichael also added how Auburn is a natural fit for the park, citing many personal ties to the area from their sister company that was founded in Birmingham, The Pawms Pet Resort.

“A lot of the folks in Birmingham went to Auburn and grew up going to Auburn, or Auburn fans and so Auburn was just a natural place. Andy, the manager at the Pawms Pet Resort, went to Auburn, and so he wanted to come back here to a city that he loves. And so that’s really why we chose Auburn,” Carmichael cites.

Director of Operations Bobby Morgan shares why he feels Auburn is the perfect location.

“Auburn is such a great town for, you know, people getting together. It’s very community oriented. So I just feel like this is a perfect opportunity for people to kind of get out of the normal areas of going out downtown and things like that and kind of explore a new experience,” Morgan shares.

Memberships are offered annually or monthly, non-members are required to purchase a day pass for $10 and an additional $5 per dog. Those without dogs are allowed entry at no additional fee.

Although the park is new to Auburn, it is not exclusive to the plains. Memberships are good for three of their other up and coming locations in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Huntsville.

Morgan explains what his goal for the park is and why he believes the combination of experiences offered will benefit people, with or without their furry counterparts.

“The dogs make it a completely different experience. We’ve gone to some similar dog park aspects like environments like this. And the whole time you’re there, you may not have a dog with you, but it’s hard not to smile and laugh the whole time because you have dogs running up to you and wanting to play. So it’s just pure entertainment the whole time and it’s just a relaxing environment. It gives people a way to kick back, enjoy a drink if they want to, and just enjoy the dogs,” Morgan says.

Auburn’s location is set to open during the last week of March, for more information on Good Dog Park & Bar, click here.