Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – Construction on the newest Muscogee County School District sports complex is in full swing. Eventually the multi-million dollar complex will be able to host football, flag football, soccer and tennis matches with the project is complete.

Odis Spencer Stadium will provide a state of the art turf field that will be ready to host sporting events all year round. The first time MCSD schools will get to play at Spencer Stadium will be in the last three weeks of the GHSA football season. When Spencer Stadium is fully constructed there will be some big changes to the high school football kick off times. Between Kinnett Stadium and Spencer Stadium, MCSD won’t have to schedule double header games at AJ McClung Memorial Stadium or have high school football games on Saturday.

“Memorial Stadium is a city-owned stadium, and when they have certain events like the fair and the Fountain City Classic and things like that we’re not allowed to use the field. So it puts a strain on us when we have multiple games. Where as this year going into the last three weeks of the season we’ll be able to play games here. It’s just going to be a great place for kids where they want to come play. And they want to be here competing and it’s a great facility,” said MCSD Athletic Director Jeff Battles.