Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The Carver Tigers haven’t lost since August, and on Friday afternoon they have an opportunity to do something that has only been done 3 other times in 30 years in Muscogee County. That’s win a football State Championship.

Friday afternoon the Carver faithful came out to see the Tigers board the buses to Atlanta, where they’ll play Benedictine at Center Parc Stadium. The Carver band and cheer team came out to perform, and several community leaders also appeared and gave words of encouragement.

Head coach Corey Joyner, the passionate Tigers head coach, reflected on his personal journey from nearly being fired to leading this team in a State Championship game.

“You know, seven years ago I was about to get fired and I’m going to the State Championship. It was all because you know, God has a plan. You know, you may think that things are going in the wrong direction, but you say for all things, work together for the good. For those who love the Lord and call according to his purpose. And I do believe that I’m called. I’m called not only to be the head coach, but I’m called also to be a champion. So tomorrow night, you gets get on ready, because we’re going to hunt,” said coach Joyner.

The Carver Tigers square off against the Benedictine Cadets at 3:30 pm Eastern for the GHSA Class 4A Championship game.