After an offseason like no other, it’s finally game week in the state of Georgia. The COVID pandemic has had a major impact on scheduling. No teams were allowed to have spring practices or preseason scrimmages, something that coaches have had to prepare for.

We had a intersquad game this Friday, where we were able to split the team pretty evenly. We had officials, we did special teams, and tried to simulate as much of the game as possible. We handled it pretty well, but until the bullets start flying, you never know.

Jamie Fox, Harris County Head Coach

Everybody is dealing with the same things, so nobody can make any excuses about what you can or can’t do. You’ll just prepare the best you can, it’s a unique year, and we’re thankful to be playing.

Tanner Glisson, Troup County Head Coach

Now that the season is finally about to start, the players are excited to take the field.

Yes sir, it feels way better, not just practicing for no reason.

Zy Varner, Troup County Wide Receiver/Linebacker

It’s like a whole new feeling, everybody’s more excited. Everybody has more energy on the field, everybody is just ready to play.

Cooper Corey, Harris County Quarterback

After nine months of waiting, these two teams, along with the majority of the state, will finally suit up Friday night. Grateful and ready, for the dawn of a new season. News 3 Sports Reporter Jack Patterson will be live at Durham Field starting at 5/4c to preview Troup County vs. Harris County.