Hornets Remain Beauregard Strong


To put it simply, the Beauregard Hornets struggled in 2019. They only won a sinlge game. Many people may not have realized that the Hornets had a very young team last season.
“We had a bunch of freshmen, 11 of them, espeically four offensive linemen were all 9th graders, 14 year olds,” said Beuregard Football Head Coach Rob Carter.
While the defats piled up, Coach Carter saw that his players kept on working hard to get better. That was the biggest point of pride Coach Carter saw from last year’s team.

“We have to keep striving for excellence even in the toughest situations. That’s what I’m so proud of this group at 1-9 we continued to get better at the end of the season,” said Coach Carter.
That hunger to improve carried over to this year’s training camp. The players understand it’s on them to change their perception.
“Last year didn’t go as planned but that’s how life is. But now we’re a better team. We fixed a lot of things. We want to show people and prove to people that we can play,” said senior outside linebacker and free safety Trent Jones.
“I’ve been going hard on my teammates. You know go to push them to be the best they can be. I don’t let up on them in practice. I look forward to a great season this year,” said junior defensive tackle and defensive end Eston Harris.

Many coaches hope their team can be mentally tough. These Beauregard players have already dealth with so much in just a couple of years. After the devastating tornado, that killed 23 people. Last year’s 1-9 season, then this year’s COVID-19 outbreak. On top of all that Coach Carter sometimes changes things up at practice. The team has remained tough through all of that, so Coach Carter isn’t worried about their maturity.
“We’re coached in that sense. Where all of a sudden we’ll change the schedule real quick just to see how they react and make my coaches react different. We do that a lot of times. So the adversity these kids it helps them. The maturity of handling of situations that change,” said Carter.

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