Opelika, AL (WRBL) – The Opelika Bulldogs pulled off a shocking upset in their week 4 matchup against the #1 ranked Central Red Devils. The Dawgs stayed perfect on the season and beat Central 17-14 in overtime. This kind of win proved that Opelika is ready to play with anyone in their first season at the Class 7A level. While it’s a signature win early on this season, the team is already to move past that game.
Head coach Erik Speakman and the Bulldogs coaching staff gave the players a deadline to enjoy the win. This week’s practice was all about the next challenge on the schedule which is about the Prattville Lions.

“Coaches, we always talk the 24-hour rule well that’s impossible in high school because they come back to school on Monday. They see all their buddies that they didn’t see on Friday and all the talk is of the previous Friday. So we tell them until 2 o’clock on Monday of that week and then we moved on to Prattville at that point,” said Erik Speakman.

The players are also on board with that mindset and they’re getting ready for their road game against Prattville.

“We’ve been taught, hey don’t back down you know. We’re going to play our game and that’s what really matters. It was a great learning experience. We learned a lot from it, but now it’s in the past,” said junior quarterback Roman Gagliano.