4The Ryan Nelson era has kicked off with the Glenwood football team. Coach Nelson was tabbed as the head coach last November, but it’s more of a homecoming for the Phenix City native. Back in 2018, Coach Nelson was also the Offensive Coordinator for the Central Red Devils with they won the 2018 AHSAA State Championship.
One of the biggest things the Gators have noticed is the passion and energy Coach Nelson brings to practice, and they love it.

“I like Coach Nelson. He’s very energetic and I like that, he brings a lot of aggressiveness to the team which is what we need to push each other, and push each other to the best we can,” said junior linebacker and tight end Lamont Burton II.

“He’s a very smart coach and he’s very passionate. That’s something that he is, he’s very passionate about what he does. Oh it’s so much fun. He has the energy there and you’re just excited. When you’re passionate you usually believe what they say,” said junior quarterback Dallas Crow.

Coach Nelson is a big advocate for bringing high energy to practices and especially the games. He wants to make sure that his team understands to put the team first.

“You know we’re all in this thing together and ain’t one person bigger than the family or bigger than the team and it’s about all of us not one person,” said Coach Nelson.

The Gators will take on the Pacelli Vikings in our first PrepZone Game of the Week in Columbus, Georgia.