Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – It’s time for the Commissioner’s Cup Playoffs, and the Columbus River Dragons are looking to defend their spot on top of the FPHL world. There are some new faces on this version of the River Dragons compared to the squad that raised the cup.
Head coach Jerome Bechard that a key to this year’s success is how the team has held each other to a championship standard. The players are holding each other to a championship standard, instead of Coach Bechard having to do it all.

“Ultimately I’m the coach but now it’s really not my hockey team anymore. It’s their hockey team. They have to do it for themselves. You know it’s my team early on to instill the hard work and the systems into it and now it’s their team to take over,” said Coach Bechard.

There’s going to be more pressure this time of the year, but the players are amped up for the challenge ahead.

“It’s an awesome time of the year because we have a chance to win a championship. We have a really great hockey team with a great group of guys and great leadership. So it’s going to be hell of a battle but I think we’re up for it,” said FPHL Goalie of the Year Bailey MacBurnie.

The River Dragons won’t have to play until the Commissioner’s Cup Semi-Finals. We’ll keep you updated on Columbus’ future opponent as the playoffs unfold.