COLUMBUS, Ga. — The Columbus Burn have flamed out. For now.

The Southern Professional Hockey League has terminated the application from New York Real Estate Businessman Fidel Jenkins.

News 3 spoke with both Jenkins and SPHL President Jim Combs Thursday.

Combs said the league made the decision to terminate the deal Thursday morning at a board meeting.

Jenkins says he had a one page deal worked out with the league for a $125,000 franchise fee. He defaulted on his payment for that deal, missing an August 1 deadline. He says he eventually paid that fee. The league said he had to restart his application process. Jenkins says he was then presented with a new 12 page deal that he says had typos and mistakes, accompanying a $300,000 franchise fee. He rescinded his payment. Jenkins says he has nothing bad to say about the league.

“From our standpoint, if you have something that is a situation where one party is relying upon agreed terms to something previous and that party rescinds that previous agreement; well in our view in real estate, in media when someone rescinds an agreement and they tell you that you’re starting over. Whatever terms you have done before don’t apply. You’re having to do exactly what they said which is renegotiate new terms. And it seems to me like they were trying to hold certain dates and things to the old agreement.” says Fidel Jenkins.

Jenkins says he still plans to bring professional hockey back to Columbus. He is going to contact the ECHL about a potential franchise. The SPHL says, they will begin pursuing a suitable owner for the Columbus market.