COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – There are all different kinds of sideline cheerleading teams, ones that do strictly cheers and dances, ones that stunt and tumble and others like Shaw High School where they get their crowd and team hyped by stomp and shake cheerleading.

“We’re a stomp and shake cheerleading team therefore the cheers are harder, more challenging it’s a lot of steps in one,” said Cheer Captain Jakalynn Flewellen, “We don’t really cheer with pompoms because clapping makes our beat mainly clapping and stomping our feet.”

The cheerleaders make the synchronized stomping, and clapping look and sound effortless, but Head Cheerleading Coach Sharon Johnson explained these cheers and dances take a lot of practice.

“My athletes practice day in, day out. They practice every Monday through Thursday up until about 6 o’clock. Then they go home and they have to practice at night because we want to be prepared so we can support our football players,” Coach Johnson.

In addition to practicing during the school year, the athletes practice all summer long in June and July.

While I don’t see how anyone could remain in their seats while watching these stomp and shake cheerleaders, Coach Johnson said this type of cheering prepares her athletes for more than a performance.

“We stomp and shake so we can be prepared to battle anybody my cheerleaders. They are always ready to battle,” said Coach Johnson. “They battle each other during the end of practice and so hey we’re just calling out everybody and anybody if you wanna battle Shaw high come on down we’re ready.”

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