COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Like any sport sideline cheerleaders have to train, workout and practice to be as perfect as possible. These athletes have to do it all while smiling, being loud and proud  and keeping their energy high which Spencer High School’s sideline cheerleaders know all about.

Spencer Senior Samarriah Tyson shares why being prepared physically and mentally is important.

“You gotta make sure you’re in shape so like when someone actually hit you, you won’t be falling out,” said Tyson. “You won’t be as out of breath as much calling cheers back to back and stuff.”

The team has summer practices, workouts and even focus on changing their diets to fuel their bodies with the needed liquids and food to beat the Georgia heat during the summer and early fall months.

In addition, the team has to memorize steps, chants, cheers, dances and more to make sure they’re all in sync. Something Junior Jakayla Huling said takes a lot of work.

“It takes a lot, A LOT cause, child we be out here and it’s just you gotta get with everybody cause everybody not a fast learner it takes time,” said Huling.

Head Coach Quashanta Dorsey shares how her team makes sure everyone is prepared for Friday night lights.

“Oh it’s all about repetition, we work on voices, ya know the girls that naturally have it, we have them work with other girls on the team,” said Coach Dorsey.

Besides being sideline cheerleaders Coach Dorsey said she has multiple athletes that do an additional sport at the same time like basketball or volleyball.

She also adds their school and principal is incredibly supportive of the hard work her athletes put in day in and day out.