Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel made NBC’s cameraman work for their footage during Sunday Night Football in Week 2.

Entering halftime with a 17-3 lead, McDaniel concluded his on-field interview and was preparing to trot into the away locker room at the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium.

When McDaniel noticed the cameraman tracking him for the standard “head coach at halftime” shot, he decided to have some fun and broke into a sprint toward the tunnel, leaving the videographer no choice but to follow suit and run to catch up.

All the while, McDaniel could be seen turning back and looking at the cameraman during their hilarious exchange.

While the head coach had a head start, he was the clear winner of the unspoken race between himself and NBC’s cameraman, leaving them in the dust as he disappeared into the tunnel.

He won’t have had too much to critique during his halftime talk, as Miami had an impressive start to the game on the road in New England against their division rivals.