Former Yankees star Alex Rodriguez has replied to his former New York and high school teammate Doug Mientkiewicz’s recent negative comments about him.

The former MLB first baseman, who played one MLB season with Rodriguez in 2007 after playing with him in high school, said he’s always thought Rodriguez would “die a lonely man.” He went on to share stories of how the ESPN analyst has shut their former Westminster Christian High School teammates out by not replying to group chats and not being present when they were together.

Rodriguez was asked about Mientkiewicz’s harsh words while on USA Today Sports’s Sports Seriously with Mackenzie Salmon.

“That was actually strange ‘cause I’ve always considered Doug a friend,” Rodriguez said. “I was shocked and surprised. My daughter sent me the articles, my mom, my brother, all people that really like Doug. I was really close with his mom and dad. But, look, at the end of the day, one thing I’ll never do is speak poorly about any of my teammates, especially a high school teammate. I wish him well.”

Based on Rodriguez’s response, it sounds like the two former teammates haven’t spoken personally about what Mientkiewicz said the other day.