There’s multiple fun brother duos in the NFL, but two of the most popular are retired quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning, and active players Jason and Travis Kelce.

After retiring, the Manning brothers took sports broadcasting by storm as they introduced the ManningCast simulcast on ESPN2 for various Monday Night Football games during the season. Fans have fallen even more in love with the brothers as they joke around with each other and dissect football games while having special celebrity guests on the show.

Now, the Kelce brothers appear to be tough competition for the Manning brothers with the incredible popularity of their podcast New Heights. Because the Kelce brothers are still playing, they won’t be taking on any broadcasting roles in the near future.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated’s Robin Lundberg, Eli said that he hopes the Kelces don’t retire anytime soon.

“I want them to keep playing for a long, long time so they don’t take Peyton and I’s job,” Manning said. “I listen and watched their podcast a few times, they’re very funny. We’ve had them on our show before. They do a great job. Great players, great characters. I’m a little worried and nervous that they might try to take Peyton and I’s job.”

The Mannings most likely won’t have to worry about that for a few years, if at all.