Staying Ready For A Fight


While major team sports leagues like the NBA and Major League Baseball have waited months to restart their season; combat sports like boxing have been back in full swing.
Local boxer Money Powell IV has continued to put time in the gym so he can stay ready for any fight. Even though the possibility of a fight was far away.

“When we do get the call or when we think we’re going to fight again we’re not going to have to start from ground up and work our way all the way up. It’s like having a C in the class and going to an A, versus having an F and going to an A. So keep yourself right around in the middle so you can go right up,” said Powell.

Money and his team didn’t know if boxing would make a comeback. For the past weeks Top Rank has put on live fights on ESPN and that was a sign of hope.

“Being able to still see fights is definitely a big, big motivation because I’m not going to lie for a minute a lot of us were down. You know this is our career so a lot of us we make our money from boxing. It’s kind of hard to stay motivated when you’re just training, training, training and you don’t know when you’re going to fight. So that’s when you really have to have discipline,” said Powell.

That discipline has kept Money out of trouble and constantly in the gym. While boxing in an individual sport, Powell doesn’t just fight for his own glory in the ring. He’s motivated by his family and his team that have supported him for years.

“I’m not just fighting for myself when I’m in the ring. I’m fighting for them as well. Boxing is my love I’m telling you. It may not love you back but I love it 110 percent. Like I said our goal is to to be world champions. That’s exactly what we’re going to do. It may not be today or tomorrow but we’re going to get there. When we do get there we’re going to stay there,” said Powell.

The love Money has for boxing runs very deep. It’s in his blood. Whenever the training gets tough and he wants to quit he has a quick reminder of what he’s chasing.

“Every single morning I wake up and I have the world championship belts taped on my wall. Not only that my coaches told me something that really stuck with me. I don’t want to get halfway in and I don’t want to do this because I could have just saved everybody the time and stopped from the very beginning. If I’m going to start something I’m going to finish it strong,” said Powell.
Right now Powell does have a fight scheduled for August 22nd in Rainsville, Alabama.

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